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Enhance and improve your command of academic English and increase your scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) at Manhattan Review's Coaching Center in Bangalore. Manhattan Review's Bangalore Jayanagar TOEFL services consist of on-site TOEFL prep courses, private TOEFL coaching plans, online TOEFL instruction, in addition to TOEFL practice exams. Our company has assisted many international students get ready for the TOEFL and ease admission to their undergraduate or graduate degree programs, and we are the world's most respected international test prep company. Our on-site or online TOEFL services produce test-takers capable of meeting the highest of TOEFL standards. Manhattan Review TOEFL clients have studied at Northwestern, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Georgetown, Cambridge, the University of Pennsylvania, Oxford, King's College London, the University of Edinburgh, and many other world-class institutions. Top companies around the world, including firms in Bangalore, have hired former Manhattan Review students (United Breweries Group, Urban Ladder, SPT Sports Management, SELCO India, and Explocity, for example). Get started on your TOEFL learning plan in Bangalore Jayanagar right away by contacting Manhattan Review for details on our exemplary TOEFL services.

The TOEFL is a four-section test (writing, speaking, listening, and reading) is scored on a range of 0 to 30 per section, for a total score of 0 to 120. It is not unusual for university departments to have various sets of TOEFL demands (a master's degree program, for example, may have a higher score expectation than undergraduate admission). Although TOEFL administrator and developer Educational Testing Service (ETS) does not set official passing score benchmarks, the majority of degree programs are content with composite scores of 100 and sectional scores of 25 each. Particular types of students, such as applicants for graduate teaching assistantships, may be anticipated to score better, especially on the speaking section. There are also a few highly selective institutions that necessitate higher scores, such as the University of Oxford (minimum of 110) and Princeton University (108). Due to many schools either rejecting applicants altogether or requiring remediation for those with low TOEFL scores, professional TOEFL instruction is an indisputable use of student resources. TOEFL prep is preferable to either of these, both in terms of the investment of time and the financial cost.

Why Manhattan Review's TOEFL Coaching Center is the Best in Bangalore Jayanagar

Manhattan Review's group TOEFL classes and TOEFL one-on-one coaching services give Bangalore students a level of instructional effectiveness that no competing firm can provide. Our immense experience with international students, who make up the majority of our clientele, is one factor for our outstanding teaching. Most test prep companies don't understand the difference between international students and native English speakers. At Manhattan Review, we have created TOEFL classes that are particularly designed to assist international test-takers master all of the hardships of the TOEFL language assessment. Manhattan Review is the writer and publisher of the widely respected TOEFL Integrated Study Guide: Turbocharge Your TOEFL textbook. This volume has served as a reference guide and course text, and it has aided many students around the world prepare for the TOEFL. Manhattan Review's TOEFL services consist of classroom educators and one-on-one TOEFL coaches who are more qualified, trained, and experienced than any other test prep teachers in the Bangalore Jayanagar region. They implement engaging and original course content utilizing very innovative methods of instruction.

About Manhattan Review's Founder Prof. Dr. Joern Meissner

Joern Meissner has been the leader of Manhattan Review and a postsecondary instructor for over 25 years. He earned a diploma in Business Management at the University of Hamburg, as well as a PhD in Management Science from Columbia in New York City, one of the top Ivy League schools. Prof. Dr. Meissner has taught core MBA courses and created new MBA electives at the University of Hamburg, Lancaster University Management School, the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, and the University of Mannheim. His research intends to provide real solutions to problems in the areas of supply chain management, dynamic pricing, and revenue management, using mathematical optimization tactics. Prof. Dr. Meissner's original ideas on standardized test preparation have grown into a worldwide company, and we are now the world's premier resource for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, IELTS, ACT, and SAT services. Although Prof. Dr. Meissner finds his academic work to be fulfilling, he has always known that teaching ideas to others is even more rewarding.

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