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Bangalore applicants to universities in the English-speaking world can attain their degree program's required scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with the services provided at Manhattan Review's Coaching Center. At our Bangalore Coaching Center, test-takers may select TOEFL study in individual tutoring format, on-site group course format, or interactive online varieties, whichever is optimal for their learning needs and requirements. We have also created highly realistic diagnostic TOEFL practice tests, which are indistinguishable from the official exam. Since Manhattan Review was established in 1999, our teaching has facilitated countless high test scores and selective university acceptances in major cities across the world. Our test prep clients have received the TOEFL scores required for entrance into undergraduate or graduate programs at Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Yale, the University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, Columbia, Notre Dame, Rice, the University of California-Berkeley, and many, many more. Get started with Bangalore's most effective TOEFL prep right away by getting in touch with Manhattan Review for more info on available learning plans and class schedules.

The TOEFL is accepted by the vast majority of universities in the major English-speaking countries, especially the United States (the TOEFL is an American examination). Due to an array of issues, TOEFL score demands can be anywhere on a range from 60 to 110. At Manhattan Review, we counsel our TOEFL clients to set target composite scores of 100 and sectional scores of 25 individually. This level of proficiency will be acceptable to the majority of elite programs, and these scores convincingly show that the candidate can succeed in his or her coursework. The language skills taught in Manhattan Review's TOEFL programs also helps in the continuation of careers after completion of university studies. Many of Manhattan Review's past international TOEFL clients are now accomplished working professionals for Fortune 500 American companies, such as Lockheed Martin, CVS Health, State Farm Insurance, and Enterprise Products Partners. We also have former TOEFL students who are now well-paid employees of Bangalore Malleswaram businesses, including TTK Services, Century Real Estate, Unilog Content Solutions, and Technicolor India.

Why Manhattan Review's TOEFL Coaching Center is the Best in Bangalore Malleswaram

Manhattan Review's Bangalore TOEFL group classes and TOEFL one-on-one coaching plans provide professional instruction that focus on student engagement and the cultivation of higher-order thinking skills. Our TOEFL instructors are much more qualified (and also higher highly paid) than is typical for the industry, and the best test prep coaches regularly choose to work for us. No other test prep company has more expertise with teaching American standardized exams to non-American students, and our level of success with global test-takers is unmatched. Manhattan Review's TOEFL coaching services in Bangalore Malleswaram also consist of generous student support from our friendly and useful staff. Manhattan Review is the author and publisher of the TOEFL Integrated Study Guide: Turbocharge Your TOEFL textbook. Utilized as a reference guide and course text for TOEFL study, this book has helped countless students all over the world meet their target TOEFL scores and excel in their university degree offerings. The strength of our instructors, programs, methods, and materials gives way to TOEFL instruction that no other company can rival.

About Manhattan Review's Founder Prof. Dr. Joern Meissner

Joern Meissner, the pioneer behind Manhattan Review and a business school instructor, has a diploma in Business Management from the University of Hamburg in addition to a PhD in Management Science from Columbia Business School. Prof. Dr. Meissner has made meaningful contributions to the MBA learning plans as a faculty member at the Lancaster University Management School, the University of Hamburg, the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, and the University of Mannheim. He is a widely cited and consulted expert on dynamic pricing, supply chain management, and revenue management. Prof. Dr. Meissner founded Manhattan Review in 1999, and we are the world's top international educational services company. Manhattan Review focuses on TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, and IELTS preparation for international students residing in major cities in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Europe.

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Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

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12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online
TOEFL Prep Course Bangalore Malleswaram - Photo of Student Mirco

My classes with Mr. Scheno were perfect to prepare for the actual TOEFL test – I can give my total recommendation for attending his classes. During our first appopintment he analyzed my strengths and weaknesses to set up my personal course syllabus. These customized classes improved my writing, speaking, reading and listening abilities a lot and raised my confidence to succeed the TOEFL test, which I in fact succeeded. At any time, Mr. Scheno responded rapidly and accurately to my questions and was available even beyond classes. It was a great and successfull experience to work with Mr. Scheno. Many thanks!
- Mirco (This student took TOEFL tutoring)

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