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What's not to love about free GRE practice questions? We have devised a list that runs the gamut in terms of question type and level of difficulty. If practice makes perfect—which we think it does—then these free practice questions are just what you need to further enhance your hard work. Our Free Practice Questions are designed to give you the thorough understanding of how to go about solving a problem that you need to earn that top score.

Our explanations and breakdowns reveal what to expect from each each GRE question, calling specific attention to common test-taking traps and question-specific challenges. The high caliber of practice questions offers a great diversity of question types spanning across all GRE sections. You won't find a shortage of breakthroughs since each is accompanied with straightforward insights you can easily implement on test day.

We even go so far as to categorize each practice question by level of difficulty, covering topics such as number properties, text completion, even permutation and combination. Since you have mastered all of the "easy" GRE questions, our levels of difficulty begin at Medium, then go to Challenging, culminating in Hard. At the end of the day, advanced GRE students value advanced GRE practice questions.

With our Quantitative Reasoning questions, areas like world problems, statistics, and geometry are covered more than once. Since number properties can trip up even the most advanced GRE student, we accompany each with detailed explanations, clarifying why a particular question is correct—even going the extra level and describing why others are wrong. Since you're aiming for a top score, we strive to leave no stone unturned—or in this case, no mathematical question unturned!

As evidenced with our Verbal Reasoning sample questions, you're guaranteed to come upon common text completion and sentence equivalence practice that is sure to come in handy for test day. Whether it's building up your advanced English vocabulary or reviewing grammar-related topics that are meant to be stumbling blocks for even the most proficient GRE test-taker, we point out each practice question's unique challenge and solution. Our Verbal GRE questions aren't just mere samples for the curious onlooker, they are emblematic of what to expect when sitting for the exam. Your success understanding our detailed explanations equals our success at Manhattan Review.

So what are you waiting for? You've spent hours reading and studying up on the exam, why not take a crack at the 46 practice questions we have waiting for you at your disposal? Again, the only real way to make your ideal score a reality is to practice with the materials you have today. You've come this far, take the next step and go even farther by taking advantage of this free resource that's sure to help you along your way to a high score.

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