Free GMAT Prep – Overview

We all know that preparing for the GMAT takes patience, commitment, and practice. How else will you attain that top score and get into the school of your dreams? Rest assured you can do it and your goals are very much within reach. Meeting the challenges of 175 minutes of quantitative reasoning, data sufficiency, and verbal reasoning doesn't happen without a game plan and reliable strategy—both of which are at your fingertips.

Manhattan Review is pleased to offer a wide variety of free GMAT prep options in our continued mission to support MBA-bound future business leaders. After all, if you're going to master sentence correction questions it will take some repeated exposure and practice drills. Thankfully, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to free GMAT practice from Manhattan Review.

Free GMAT Practice Questions

These free GMAT practice questions provide students with invaluable insight into the nuanaces of each particular GMAT question type. Not only are our sample questions realistic to what you'll encounter on test day, but most are also geared towards students aiming for a 650 and above. You deserve a high score, so why shouldn't you work with practice questions that raise meet you on your level?

Our free GMAT practice questions facilitate a deeper understanding of what each question asks, as well as in-depth explanations for both correct answers and incorrect answer choices. We show you there very well may be more than one way to arrive at a correct answer, too, providing an array of tactics and GMAT techniques. Our free practice questions are here to show you the GMAT progress you deserve.

Whether question types like data sufficiency or problem solving, working through these free exercises gives you a better understanding of how to apply GMAT mathematical strategies such as plugging in numbers and evaluating each statement. These sample questions are intended to build confidence, but also an encouragement to proceed with caution so as not to avoid wrong answer traps.

Whether it's Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, or Critical Reasoning, an evolved understanding of GMAT's verbal section can only come through repeated practice. You have the drive and determination, all you need is the material. Well, our free practice questions are a great start.

Free GMAT Practice Test

Mock GMAT tests are crucial in tracking your hard-earned progress. How else can you determine what score you need to get to unless you know which score you currently are? Not only do we offer a free practice exam, but ours is also computer-adaptive (CAT) to give the full GMAT effect. Diagnostic practice exams shed light on a test-taking process that ultimately paves a way forward to attain that top score.