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Practice makes perfect—or at least that's how the old saying goes—and it certainly applies to our free GMAT practice questions. Our Free Practice Questions are designed to give you the thorough understanding of how to go about solving a problem that you crave. Our breakdowns and explanations show you what to expect from what each GMAT question, detailing question-specific hurdles and common traps. Thankfully, our practice questions provide a wide variety of question types spanning across all sections, securing an abundance of insight-turned-strategy you can implement on test day to turn into high-scoring gold.

For instance, when looking at our free practice questions for problem solving, we include topics such as number properties, word problems, geometry and combinatorics—and even going so far as to categorize them by level of difficulty. (Medium, Challening, Hard and proudly missing a category for Easy!) Advanced test-takers deserve advanced questions.

And when it comes to data sufficiency, we include demanding questions in areas such as ratio proportion, linear equations, probability—even number properties. Each is accompanied with a detailed explanation, clarifying why a particular question is right, but even taking it a step further and describing why the others are wrong. Since you're aiming to take your studying to the next level, it's a good thing we have questions to help you along your way.

With our Verbal Reasoning/Critical Reasoning sample questions, you're sure to find a wide array of practice, spanning topics such as inference, find the assumption, evaluate the argument, and find the flaw. Sentence correction practice questions cover crucial GMAT Verbal areas like grammatical construction, parallelism, and rhetorical construction, just to name a few. Each question type provides its own unique challenges, making repeated exposure and practice inseparable with GMAT success. And let's face it, GMAT success equals your own success, something we value greatly.

Manhattan Review prides itself in providing quality free practice questions to all prospective students, so please take a crack at the 42 free questions we have to offer as a courtesy to all GMAT learners. In the end, the only way to find out where you need your score to be is to discover where it currently is. Take advantage of this free resource that's sure to help you along your way to a high score.

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Quantitative Reasoning - Problem Solving
 Question GMAT-PSQ-1 Word ProblemsChallenging
 Question GMAT-PSQ-2 Combinatorics; Permutation and CombinationChallenging
 Question GMAT-PSQ-3 Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question GMAT-PSQ-4 Word ProblemsEasy
 Question GMAT-PSQ-5 GeometryChallenging
 Question GMAT-PSQ-6 GeometryChallenging
 Question GMAT-PSQ-7 StatisticsChallenging
 Question GMAT-PSQ-8 Number PropertiesHard
 Question GMAT-PSQ-9 Number PropertiesMedium
 Question GMAT-PSQ-10 Number PropertiesHard
Quantitative Reasoning - Data Sufficiency
 Question GMAT-DSQ-1 Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question GMAT-DSQ-2 Computation; Linear EquationsChallenging
 Question GMAT-DSQ-3 Linear Equations; Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question GMAT-DSQ-4 Inequality; Linear EquationsChallenging
 Question GMAT-DSQ-5 Ratio ProportionChallenging
 Question GMAT-DSQ-6 Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question GMAT-DSQ-7 InequalityChallenging
 Question GMAT-DSQ-8 StatisticsHard
 Question GMAT-DSQ-9 ProbabilityHard
 Question GMAT-DSQ-10 FunctionsChallenging
Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning
 Question GMAT-CRQ-1 StrengthenChallenging
 Question GMAT-CRQ-2 InferenceChallenging
 Question GMAT-CRQ-3 InferenceMedium
 Question GMAT-CRQ-4 WeakenMedium
 Question GMAT-CRQ-5 BoldfaceChallenging
 Question GMAT-CRQ-6 Find the AssumptionChallenging
 Question GMAT-CRQ-7 Complete the ArgumentChallenging
 Question GMAT-CRQ-8 Resolve the ParadoxChallenging
 Question GMAT-CRQ-9 Find the FlawHard
 Question GMAT-CRQ-10 Evaluate the ArgumentChallenging
Verbal Reasoning - Reading Comprehension
 Question GMAT-RCQ-1 6 Questions - Variable Level
 Question GMAT-RCQ-2 6 Questions - Variable Level
Verbal Reasoning - Sentence Correction
 Question GMAT-SCQ-1 Agreement; Grammatical Construction; Idiom; Logical Prediction 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-2 Diction; Grammatical Construction; Idiom; Logical Prediction 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-3 Logical Prediction; Parallelism 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-4 Diction; Logical Prediction 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-5 Subject Verb Agreement; Verb Form 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-6 Logical Prediction; Rhetorical Construction 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-7 Grammatical Construction; Logical Prediction 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-8 Idiom; Logical Prediction 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-9 Grammatical Construction; Parallelism 
 Question GMAT-SCQ-10 Agreement; Rhetorical Construction 

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